Crystal Clear Media Filters

Davey Crystal Clear Media Filter

Make your pool water sparkle with Davey media filters. The Crystal Clear range uses Davey designed t-laterals for more efficient water use during filtration and backwashing; extending the time between backwashes saving you time, water and money.

Davey media filters come with a 10-year guarantee… peace of mind and a clear pool for years to come.

Davey’s Premium Crystal Clear™ Media Filter Range

Specifically designed for the convenient, hassle-free filtration of water in swimming pools and spa pools.


Ideal for swimming pool applications such as:

  • Inground swimming pools
  • Above ground swimming pools
  • Swimming pools up to 90,000 litres

Why Choose The Premium CrystalClear™ Fibreglass Media Filter?

  • Virtually maintenance free and easy to use
  • Internally designed to offer greater water efficiency during maintenance
  • Constructed from strong corrosion and UV resistant polyester reinforced fibre glass, providing long and reliable working life
  • Specially designed T-Laterals and hub assembly to optimise water flow for efficient filtration, backwashing and water savings
  • Computer designed providing optimal tank strength and filtration performance
  • Large diameter tank for maximum filtration area
  • Large media capacity providing less frequent backwashing to save water
  • Premium quality 6-way ABS multiport valve for easy backwash and filter control at the flick of a handle
  • Built-in waste port sight glass for high visibility of water during backwashing
  • Stainless steel liquid filled pressure gauge makes it easy to see when backwashing is required
  • Automatic air bleed prevents the build up of air in the tank ensuring effective filtration
  • A.B.S. barrel unions supplied makes installation simple
  • High rate design for maximum efficiency
  • Suitable for sand, Zelbrite and silica media
  • Combine with Zelbrite Ultimate filter media for superior water clarity, reduced backwashing and longer media life
  • Fitted with a quality high performance Praher multi port Valve

Model Tank Diameter Max Flow Rate Min Backwash Flow Rate MPV Size Guarantee
CCF21 21inch 185 lpm 123 lpm 40/50mm* 10 Year Tank
CCF25 25inch 260 lpm 173 lpm 40/50mm* 10 Year Tank
CCF2550 25inch 260 lpm 173 lpm 50mm 10 Year Tank
CCF28 28inch 336 lpm 224 lpm 50mm 10 Year Tank

* Note: 40/50mm tail or unions allow connection of a DN40 PVC pipe or into the socket/collar of a DN50 PVC pipe