Davey Remote Start Fire Fighter Twin 9HP

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For added security in a bushfire situation, or to eliminate travel time to a remotely located pump, the Davey Remote Start Firefighter provides a number of options for starting and stopping; manually, remotely via SMS or automatically. This twin stage remote start firefighter pump is powered by Honda’s electronically managed iGX270 petrol engines. For easy starting, the engine also has a fully automatic choke.

Code: 5290HRS



  • Firefighting
  • External home fire protection sprinkler systems
  • Tanker to tanker water transfer
  • High head general water transfer
  • Irrigation



Start options are:

  • Electric (via key switch) or recoil starter
  • SMS start (subject to subscription and reception)
  • Immediate, delayed start or timed run
  • Heat sensors (Davey optional accessory P/N: 402939)
  • Remote switch, e.g. float switch, panic button in house, etc.

The pump unit can only be stopped by the following methods:

  • Key switch on engine turned to OFF position
  • SMS stop signal or SMS timed run expired
  • Engine stop due to no fuel remaining or oil alert system shut down
  • Multiple users can be registered to operate and receive SMS feedback

All registered users receive SMS feedback and warnings, such as:

  • Pump Start and Pump Stop
  • Battery Low
  • General Status
  • Engine Service and SIM Subscription reminders
  • The SIM in the unit’s control centre is factory fitted and ready to use utilising the Telstra 3G network across Australia. Ongoing use of the SMS function is subject to reception and subscription status




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