Davey Single Firefighting Pump

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These rugged but economical units are driven by a 6.5hp Honda GX200 engine – also available in the electric start.

Davey pumps offer a host of features to make installation, operation and maintenance easier, quicker and more dependable. Designed with the needs of the end-user in mind, this 5 Series single impeller model sets a new standard for convenience and durability. Offering class-leading performance and not just in the workshop, the single impeller firefighting pump provides superior self-priming and performance at suction lifts, providing you with confidence when lifting water from a river or dam.

Davey Firefighter pumps also have the flexibility to draw from a shallow or deep well when power is not available – the jet kit is an optional extra and sold separately.

Code: 5165H



  • Firefighting
  • Tanker to tanker water transfer
  • High head general water transfer
  • Sheep jetting
  • Irrigation
  • Boom spraying



Suction Configuration
The pump inlet is incorporated into a compact suction housing, with easy access to the suction flap valve and the other pump internals.

Choice of Suction Sizes
The suction housing comes standard as 11/2” bsp, but is available as 2” for larger horsepower models, and in npt threads for selected markets.

Larger Priming and Drain Ports
Not only does this make it easier to fill your pump for priming, but also makes it easier to drain and flush the pump out after use.

Bayonet Style Priming and Drain Plugs
Incorporating a decompression function and a safety retention system, these new plugs make it easy to safely access the priming and drain ports.
With no tools required, a simple 90-degree twist of the wrist and the plug can be released.

Integral Handle
Conveniently positioned and comfortable to grip, the new handle saves on weight without compromising strength.

Dual Floating Neck Rings
Patented independently floating neck rings are fitted both front and rear of the impeller to ensure optimal pump performance is maintained, even after weeks of abuse.

Thrust Balance
All centrifugal pumps are capable of subjecting axial (parallel to the shaft) thrust to the engine. The higher the pressure the greater thrust potentially created, which can shorten engine life. The 5 series firefighter® range incorporates a thrust balance drum and pressure equalization holes in the impeller. This special design helps extend engine life.

Patented Clamped Impellers
Davey’s unique clamped impeller design allows for optimum impeller shape and internal surface finish for increased performance. Amazingly this patented feature also makes it possible to quickly disassemble the impeller/s, making cleaning accidental obstructions easier.

High-Quality Epoxy Powder Coated Casings
Not only do the 5 series firefighter® pumps feature the high-quality Davey powder coat finish on the outside, but they also have the same high-quality finish on the inside! This resilient finish helps to extend the life of your new Davey pump.




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