1.5″ Fire Fighting Pump HP 15 GX200 Honda Viton


The HP15 GX200 is a strong reliable high head fire fighting pump suitable for Fluids, Transfer of Diesel Fuel and Spray Booms.

With an amazing head of 55 meters, max pressure of 80psi and constant outlet flow of 333 Litres a minute, this High Head HP15 GX200 Honda fire fighter is the most trusted product in the market place and a leader for Quality and across the Industry.

The Engine quality is a genuine Australian Honda Engine GX200 6.5hp giving it plenty of power.

The Pump Casing is solid Cast Aluminium with an Inlet/Suction size of 1.5″inch and a Discharge of 1.5″inch. The Internal Elastomers are all Viton including a Silicon Carbide Mechanical Seal.

The Genuine warranty backed Honda engine comes complete with the high standards and quality of Spark plugs, Ignition System, Low Oil and High-Quality Air Filter.

Code: HP 15 GX200



  • Firefighting



  • 1½” Suction
  • 1½” Discharge & 2x 1” Discharge
  • 333LPM Discharge Capacity
  • 80PSI / 55M Max Head
  • Anodised Aluminium Casing
  • Silicon Carbide Mechanical Seal
  • Easy Carry Frame


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