WP 10 GX35 – 1″ Transfer Pump


The water pump petrol WP10 GX35 (1″ suction/discharge ports) is perfect for small pumping jobs, such as de-watering and refilling projects, powered by a reliable Honda GX35 1.6hp 4 stroke engine ensuring years maintenance-free operation.

Able to efficiently pump 120 litres a minute with an impressive head pressure of ’30mtrs/44psi’ and a shut-off point at 18mtrs. The water pump petrol WP10B ET15 is suitable for small jobs around the farm and other small applications.

The water pump petrol WP10 GX35 comes complete with Viton elastomers throughout and a high-end quality silicon carbide mechanical seals that are compatible with pumping diesel.


Code: WP 10 GX35



  • Firefighting



  • 4 stroke Honda GX35 Petrol Engine
  • 1″ suction and discharge ports
  • Pumps up to 120 LPM
  • Silicon carbide Mechanical Seals – MS
  • Viton elastomers
  • Overhead valve engine
  • Compatible for diesel fuel
  • Pumping suction hose – optional
  • Strainer included
  • CDI ignition


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