WP40A GX390


The WP40A GX390 (4″ inch Inlet/Outlet) is a suitable model for higher volume pumping applications.

Able to efficiently pump 1400 litres a minute with an impressive head pressure of 36psi and a shut-off point at 25mtrs. These petrol transfer pumps are suitable for simple on-site or off-site de-watering or fluid transfer jobs.

The WP40A GX390 petrol transfer pumps come complete with Viton  elastomers throughout and a high-end quality silicon carbide mechanical seals that are compatible for pumping diesel.

Powered by a genuine Australian Honda GX390 13hp engine gives the pump plenty of power to see the job through. The Honda engine is covered by a genuine warranty and features a high-quality Japanese made ignition system, spark plugs, air filter and low oil shutdown system.

The WP40A GX390 is definitely a quality backed product, recommended by many industries in the area of commercial, marine, mining, drilling, and industrial.


Code: WP40A GX390



  • Firefighting



  • Honda overhead valve engine
  • 4″ suction and discharge ports
  • Pumps up to 1400 LPM
  • Silicon carbide mechanical seals – MS
  • Viton elastomers
  • Heavy-duty full-frame protection
  • Compatible for diesel fuel pumping
  • Lightweight aluminium pump case


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