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Supporting local businesses is crucial for fostering vibrant and sustainable communities. By choosing to invest in local establishments, we directly contribute to the economic growth of our neighborhoods. Local businesses create job opportunities, enabling residents to find meaningful employment close to home. Moreover, we work to source our products from local suppliers, strengthening the local supply chain and promoting collaboration within the community.

Supporting local businesses also helps preserve the unique character and identity of our neighborhoods, as 
BTW Rural Supplies offers a distinct and personalised experience that cannot be found in chain stores. We also work on giving back to the community by supporting charitable causes. By prioritising local establishments, we can foster a thriving local economy and build stronger, more connected communities for everyone to enjoy.

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With 20+ years of experience, our team will make sure you get the right products for your projects.


We love being Katanning locals and take pride in providing a top-quality level of service to our community.


Our team works hard to provide the locals of Katanning with the most competitive prices year-round.


We supply only the best quality brands and work to provide a wide range of rural supplies.

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With over 20 years of experience, our team has extensive knowledge about all things hardware, tools, and equipment for your project. 

We specialise in sales & repairs for all your water movement solutions from boomsprays to all your home & farm irrigation needs. We are a master dealer for Davey pumps & are also agents & authorised service center for a number of brands including Australian Independent Rural Retailers, Silvan/Selecta, Croplands, Cigweld, West Air, Hayes spraying, Kulkyne Campers / Drifters Creek, Midalia Steel & Spitwater plus much more.